Aleeboo前脚走,Trina and Jane就后脚跟了进来,很兴奋的来看屁屁。刚聊了不久, Jojo又背着书包进来了,直奔跟宝玩儿。Jojo的 baby sitting skills现在有了翻天覆地进展,和小宝一会儿玩sticker, 一会儿玩看书讲故事,你给我一个玩具我给你一个玩具很是过瘾。Trina都有点嫉妒了,说Emm, I think Avery likes Josephine… 刚说到热闹,突然又有一个高大男士带着头盔突然进门,我还没缓过劲儿来呢,原来是Sandro, who cycles to school for photography class and wants to drop off for a gift. 因为Omi他们三个周末要get away with Trina and Gord to the cottage, Omi特备给小宝做了了卡片。手工很精致,一个红红的心,一个轻盈的粉红透明结穿过卡片。 里面的词和很感人,朴实诚恳,真情毕露。


What a full house! So many people are loving pipi so much!!!


From Toronto to Beijing

Week 13 – Celebration

The RULA learning 2.0 program was fun, I have really enjoyed working on both the content side and as a group leader. Go Ryerson Library!

You can review the content of all 13 weeks at the RULA 2.0 blog: http://rula20.blogspot.com/

Week 12 Videos/YouTube

I am a YouTube fan for a long time. Now I can listen to American Idol songs again and again on YouTube. Check out Adam Lambert’s Mad World, such a talented performance.

I have contributed content for this week. Listening to podcasts is such an effective way to learn. All I need to subscribe to my favourite sites on iTunes and synchronize it. I am addicted to it now. If you have any good podcast sites you subscribe to, please let me know.

Week 10 Browser Tools

I have been using Zotero for my research, it’s kind of useful to mark website and save documents, however it’s only local. This is the problem with locally installed apps, if I want to use it on another station I have to install it again. I guess the solution is to have a laptop for both work and home? Same laptop? Right now I have too many work stations which is kind of confusing and time-consuming.